Adding Some Style

Our living room has been... missing something (besides a larger TV).

We added some floating shelves to the wall behind the couch, just to put something up. It helped, but the opposite wall was even more obviously blank now. We just didn't know what to do.

I had been browsing some panoramic art, but we couldn't really decide on anything. Plus to have it framed and shipped the way I wanted, it would have been over $150 or so. Probably not a bad price, but not really what I'm looking for.

We ended up at Target today to pick up a few things and turns out that they recently changed the "seasonal" area in the back. Now there is some furniture and decor stuff around there. We saw a couple things we liked for some night stands, but at $150, we're holding off there.

We also found some "art" that we liked. There were some individual pieces that could be easily put together and seemed to be matched well with our current color pallet (if we have one). And we ended up with this setup...

We're pretty happy with it. It ended up being wide enough to take up a large part of the wall and the scale seemed just right. As you can tell, it's a wide, boring wall (hence the panoramic pics we were looking at before).

Now we still just have to finish off the bedroom. But that is going to require a whole new set. Might be a while.

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