It's Been a While

Surprisingly enough to me, I can actually remember the last time I paid for software... I bought a new license for Delicious Library for my Mac (I had a license years ago when I had my iBook - but lost it when I sold the laptop).

I usually just acquire my software through um... "other means." Mostly because they're just things I rarely use and I'm not paying hundreds of dollars for something I'm not going to use on any regular basis. I don't care how much work someone had to put into it... most software prices are absurd.

That's why it is, again, surprising that I would pay for software. So what is it that is so good that I decided I should pay for it?

iLife '09

No, it's not incredible or anything... but some of the new features of iMovie look really cool as well as some new things in iPhoto. Don't care so much about Garageband (though there are some cool new ideas there to) or iWeb (don't use - but who knows).

And since Apple licensing is odd and Jen also has a Macbook, I figured why not go for the "family licensing" 3-pack. iLife itself is $80, but for anotehr $20, you get 2 more licenses. No brainer - even with an extra license. And the nice thing is that I get more of a discount through Corning... so the family license pack comes to just over $82 + tax.

Too bad it doesn't ship until February.

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