I'm not sure I understand this latest push by NCAA announcers and media outlets to get more black head coaches in college football. No... that doesn't mean I'm saying we don't need black coaches... I'm not a racist.

What I'm saying is... why has it been made into a problem?

No, there certainly are not a lot of black head coaches... seven, in FBS, to be exact (out of 114 or so schools). So the percentage is minuscule, I know. But has anyone thought that maybe there just isn't a really deep talent pool of black head coaches?

Why should it matter what color he is? Shouldn't a school just hire the best person for the job? Why isn't someone trying to get women into college football coaching? There aren't ANY of those... and we should definitely have Asian women represented in college football as well! Ya... then it's all fair and everyone is represented!

One of the arguments for more black head coaches I've heard is something along the lines of comparing the percentage of black players to the percentage of black coaches - and people are trying to figure out why they're so far off. Could it possibly be that just because a black person is really good at playing the game - it doesn't necessarily mean that he'll make a great coach? Seems possible to me.

Let's just say this... winning is everything. Who cares what color, race, nationality, gender, etc, the person is... if he/she can motivate the team and win games... that's what these schools want. And they're not afraid of letting someone go after just 3 years if they're not producing those wins.

Black, white, or purple, win games and you get the job.

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