When I upgraded my receiver a couple months ago, I didn't go for the lowest possible one I could use... I figured I'd eventually want some more expansion abilities and went for the next step up.

Good thing.

I now have 3 different sources connected via HDMI and another pair of devices connected through component HD cables. Jen thinks I'm crazy. I tell her it's worth it.

Oh wait.. what am I rambling about? Jen got me a Playstation 3 for Christmas (with the Formula One World Championship game). So not only do I get the joys of another gaming console but I also be the benefit of having a BluRay player - and what might as well be considered one of the better BluRay players.

I used some of my Christmas cash to pick up a couple movies and another accessory. Got Hitman, No Country for Old Men and the Band of Brothers set, all in BluRay. I also got the Nyko Blu-Wave for it... so now I can control the PS3 with my Logitech Harmony.

The PS3 uses Bluetooth for the controllers (same as the Wii) so you can't use an infrared remote (the Harmony). The Nyko thing remedies this.

Time to start building another collection I guess...

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