Could someone please answer one question for me?

Who the hell watches ANYTHING to do with Tyler Perry?

Who determined that this guy is funny? How did he get his own movies and tv shows? WTF? I like to watch TBS occasionally (2 hour Family Guy blocks FTW) and can't get by an evening without seeing about 20 commercials for his crap.

I've also clicked onto TBS accidentally while House of Payne was on... omg. I couldn't get past about 2 minutes of this crap. Who is really watching this stuff? I can honestly say that I don't personally know anyone that actually watches anything he has made. I really don't know who would watch it. It's just painful.

Don't get me wrong... I watch some stupid, mindless things sometimes. But this is just ridiculous. To make things worse, I keep seeing commercials about HoP being cable's most popular sitcom.


And now he has another show coming out? WTH? Someone needs to stop this guy.

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