Best Device Ever

Ask my girlfriend what I'm doing most nights at home while I watch TV or cook dinner or something and the response would typically be something along the lines of "playing games on his iPod." That... or just generally being a PITA. Whatever. 🙂

The iPod Touch is freaking awesome. I'm not sure how many of you knew that. I have something like 37 applications downloaded to it at this point from the iTunes App Store. Some paid, some free. Some games, some productivity. Just about anything, really.

Fieldrunners is a great time wasting game; but also a crazy battery killer. Uno is surprisingly good. I mean, it's just Uno - but the iPod version is great. I even have gotten into Dominoes. Checkers. Racing. It goes on and on. I recently bought SimCity as well. It's one of they very few $10 apps I've bought for it. The sick thing is that I feel these few I've gotten are totally worth the $10. For an iPod game! Asphalt4 is another fantastic game for $10. Only one I've tried at this point that isn't great or worth the $ is The Price is Right. The game is OK but the performance and such SUCKS.

I haven't really put any effort into SimCity yet... but I'm hoping to soon. It really seems promising.

Oh ya, the title lists this device as ALMOST the best ever... but why? What could be so wrong about this? Well, IMO, it's not the iPhone. And that bothers me.

I absolutely love my iPod Touch, but I rarely play it outside of my home because it's just another thing to keep in my pocket with my regular phone, keys, wallet, etc. So as I've been planning to do, come May, I'll be ditching my Ocean for an iPhone. I'll have all of the joy and fascination of my iPod Touch with the same capabilities of my cell phone. Perfection... or so I'd like to believe at this point. I won't be absolutely sure until I have one in my hands and get to actually use it.

But if the iPod Touch's capabilities are any indication, I do not expect to be disappointed by the iPhone.

Can't wait.

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