I was able to add another plaque to my "trophy wall" last night.

We had our 2008 Glen Region SCCA awards banquet. Dinner and fun were had by all and of course, awards presented for the 2008 season. That included an award for my 2008 STS class championship.

I'll be the first to admit though, that I didn't really have much for consistent, close competition for the year. I had some consistent competition, but not so close. And some close competition, but not so consistent (not many events). So I kind of won it by default.

Does that mean I wasn't trying or pushing it? Hellz no. There was still the PAX championship to try for... which I think I finished 5th or 6th in for the region. Not bad. If I could eek out a little more time next year, I might have a chance of moving up the PAX ladder.

So that concludes our 2008 season. Join us again in 2009 when I put my "title" on the line... 🙂

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