Reducing Debt

So I thought maybe I'd try to "track" my debt and such here to go back and compare where I was. I'm not going to get into too much detail, but I thought it would be a nice reference.

So where am I now? Well, discounting student loans (not being paid off anytime soon), my car payment, and also a collection account I'm paying on, I have a total revolving debt of $9201.88. That is all credit cards.

Awful, I know. That's why I'm trying to make a little more effort in reducing it. At the moment, the current total minimum payment is just over $177. Ya... that's going to take a while. I would say on average I pay at least $20 over the minimum for each. Usually more.

I really wouldn't be able to estimate how long it would take to pay it off while just paying minimum... but I really don't want to know. It would be quite a while.

So I'll try to make a related post every month or so and try to keep updated on any progress I'm making. Of course, I wouldn't be able to make any major progress until either tax time or until goalsharing payment.

Going back to my previous post about buying a house in the next few years, this will be absolutely essential to being able to do that. If this debt doesn't come down and the payments go away, no house for me.

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