Getting More Involved

So obviously I'm a car guy and a racer. I'm incredibly far from any sort of pro at it... but it is fun and one of the few things I'm actually involved in outside of work.

Tonight I'll be heading to our SCCA membership meeting with the intention of being "elected" next year's Secretary for the region. I quoted that b/c I really didn't have anyone running against me and I was originally only intending to be on the Board of Directors but they didn't have anyone running for Secretary... so there I was.

I suppose it's a bit like jumping in head first... I've never been on any sort of "board" or anything even like that, so this will be something totally new for me. Thankfully I don't think the Secretary's job is anything too stressful or straining. Mostly, to my knowledge, it involves keeping minutes for the region meetings and then organizing some of the election things each year.

We'll see how it goes I guess... and who knows... maybe this will lead to me being able to do a bit more racing down the road. Maybe some other areas of it anyway. I'd really love to do some road racing eventually... but I won't have the budget for that for quite some time.

It'll be hard enough for me to defend my class championship for another year; especially if I start getting some more competition. I do well enough, but my car isn't really ideal for the class that I'm in, so it wouldn't be too difficult for someone with a well-prepped car to come in and give me a good run for the points.

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