I Hate Dentists

Ok... so hate probably isn't the right word for a dentist. My dentist is cool... it's just what he tells me that I hate.

I'm still yet to call the oral surgeon about my wisdom teeth (third molars is apparently the proper term). I need to have all four removed. Fun. Then some sort of orthodontia comes into play so I don't have so much crowding and stuff.

Anyway... what's my beef with the dentist today? Well it was my first appointment after my initial visit and was scheduled for a filling. When I had my first visit a few weeks (months?) ago he wanted to do one filling and then schedule for a cleaning as well. Today was the filling.

He started doing his thing... drilling away at my dying tooth and kept commenting how much worse it actually was turning out to be than he originally thought. So that leads him to suspect some of the others may also have issues. He was apparently suspicious of a few of them at first since the xrays didn't show much other than a hint. And now after drilling into this first one he suspects the others may be just as bad. So now I need to have three more filled. 🙁

This is still along with having my wisdom teeth out. January is looking to be not a good month for me. And who knows when the wisdom teeth thing will happen.

Woe is my mouth.

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