Weekend Roundup

First off, congrats to Lewis Hamilton for being the youngest F1 champion ever (and first Black champion as well). What a fantastic ending to Sunday's race in Brazil. Essentially clinching the championship on the last turn, of the last lap, of the last race of this season. Yes... that's how it went down.

Other happenings this weekend included Chad and Pam visiting and Jen and I finally going out for a few drinks again. We hadn't gone out in forever so it was nice to have a good reason to do so. Not to mention I hadn't been to the Pig in quite some time... especially with Virgil playing. We didn't stay a really long time, but had another full day ahead on Saturday.

Most of Saturday was spend wine tasting. Started on the west side of Seneca, hitting up Glenora, Fulkerson's, and Arcadian. Then we cruised over to the west side of Keuka and stopped at Dr. Frank's and then closing at Bully Hill (which was sort of closed and we didn't even get to do anything). I think we ended up with 5 or 6 bottles of wine.

We kicked one of those last night... 🙂

Now we can hopefully relax for the winter. Between autocross and everything else happening on the weekends, we can finally get a break.

Now if I can just get my car fixed...

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