Informercial LOLz!

Found a funny site tonight when looking up "direct buy" ... you know, that infomercial where people save "thousands" on home remodels and such. It has always seemed shady deal and I had assumed that it was some sort of paid "membership" deal where you pay a sum of money to have access to some "special" deals.

Anyway... found There are pages and pages of stuff on those Direct Buy people. Essentially it looks like pushy, annoying sales people, not really great savings, ridiculous amount of fees. Oh... and it's about $5k+ for the "membership."

Stay away.

Know what else to stay away from? Video Professor. Ya, some nice old guy trying to help you sell things on eBay or teach you about Windows. Sure, the material might be OK... but read through some of the things on the infomercialscams site... Most people were charged about $190 just to get the "free" cd. They actually ended up receiving 3 cds and many have had trouble sending them back or getting a refund

There are plenty of other funny ones on there... some of the complaints and people are stupid, but most the infomercials are more of crap than scams. Worth looking though if you've every just wondered about some of them.

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