Funny Ha Ha

So one of the things on our busy schedule was a show in Ithaca this past weekend.

We went to see Daniel Tosh at the State Theater on Saturday evening. It was definitely a good time. Jen and I and two other couples that I know from work all went for dinner and the show. Good times.

If you haven't heard of him, head on over to Youtube and do a search. It's good stuff. One of the cool things about his live show though, is that he doesn't really do any of the "popular" bits that you may have seen on Comedy Central or Youtube. It all seemed to be new material and fairly recent stuff. It's a nice change, IMO, and a great way to keep the show fresh.

That doesn't mean though that he didn't do any of the popular stuff... he explained the format of the show near the end and took requests for some of the more well known bits. They were still funny, but in a "oh ya, that was a good one that I remember" kind of way. The fresh, new stuff is definitely a better way to see it.

So if he's in your area, check him out. A good time for sure...

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