So busy... I just totally forget about this. And when I think about an idea to post, I get sidetracked or end up not wanting to post it. So here's your overall update...


Jen and I are doing well. She's working crappy hours still but we're doing OK with it. We spend pretty much the entire remainder of our free time together. Not to mention that she's actually started racing with me. So I suppose you could say that we're starting to share a few more interests... She races with me at autox events and I occasionally read a book. 🙂


I've applied for a new job at work. Same department and team, but different position. This one would be technically an "analyst" compared to me just being a "technician" right now. Would hopefully be a pay increase as well - no idea on what level though. Interview is in about two weeks - and my suit even still fits! Other than that we are absolutely swamped and short staffed (thankfully, along with the analyst position that we're hiring, there is also another technician position). We are just getting crushed though.


Waiting for the next event (9/28 @ Arnot Mall). Only this one and one more left for the season. I have a good stranglehold on first place for my class. But there was only one regular competitor through the year and I had him beat by a decent margin most of the time. Hopefully he'll be back next year though!

That's it for now I 'spose... If I actually think about it, I'll try to post more.

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