I Love Racing

Obviously autox is a big part of my life. But living so close to Watkins Glen, you'd think I'd explore the venue a bit further and see some real racing some time. And I don't mean NASCAR.

This year has been the year for that. I got to see the Rolex Series race (Sahlen's Six Hours at the Glen) and the SPEED World Challenge earlier this year. That was pretty awesome. Pics here and here, respectively.

This past weekend was a bit more fun for me... keep reading to see why. This past weekend at the Glen was the Indy race. Which is cool in it's own right... but there was another race this weekend that I was more interested in...

The Koni Challenge race was Saturday afternoon. And I finally got to see another tC actually racing. And racing in a well-known series, no less! I got to talk to one of the drivers for a bit and also got to see the car and sit in it. Very cool.

It's a pretty big deal for me. Lame for some, but more of something to aspire to for me.

Pics of the Koni Challenge and Indy race are also available... as well as some pics of the Dan Gardner's tC within that Koni Challenge picture set.

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