I've had the same electric razor for probably over a year not and thought it might be time to change the blades. They get dull and don't cut worth a crap. So we went to Target...

I was actually amazed they even had replacement blades for mine. Last time I tried that (years ago) they had moved on to all new generations of shavers and they didn't have the blades for it anymore. This time they did though. But they were $37. Yes, $37.

Now if that sounds ridiculous... give me a second here... it gets better.

A whole new razor that is the EXACT same model that I have now? $30. And it wasn't even on sale or clearance or anything.

WTH? Now do I need an entire new razor? No. Does it make sense to buy just the blades? Uh... no. Why would anyone bother? That's absurd. It's fine if they're actually $37, but how is it that the ENTIRE razor (which contains the new blades I need) is that much less?

People are stupid.

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