I don't really read that often. I mean, I'm lucky if I read one or two books each year (if that!). This year seems to be different. I supposed I'm actually trying to find things that actually interest me.

Like what, you say? Well I read one book earlier this year that I heard about through one of the blog sites that I read daily. It's about cars. The book? Driver by Alexander Roy (on the left). Fascinating to me. I read it in about 2 weeks (amazing for me considering that I don't read on any regular basis). I even bought a copy for a friend as a bday present.

So what else could I find that I would be interested enough in to read and enjoy?', 'Well there's another blog that I check in with from time to time (though it has been going through some changes lately so who knows). I don't even remember how I heard about it... just ended up there from somewhere else a while back. The blog is a parody of Steve Jobs (he's the big guy at Apple). And it is written by "Fake Steve Jobs" who actually turns out to be Daniel Lyons (formerly?) of Forbes magazine. I have no idea who this guy is... but there's something about his writing style. It's entertaining.

The book? Ya, that is another parody. It's called Options by... you guessed it, Fake Steve Jobs. It details (as a parody) the stock options "backdating" problems that Apple went through in the past year or two and how "Steve" deals with the problems that arise. I just finished it tonight. Took longer than expected but I didn't really focus on it too much.

I guess I don't really like to read your typical best seller or murder mystery, or biography... or whatever. I need something a little different. I did pick up another book at B&N today though... My new one? James Bond. Devil May Care.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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