First... I have a race tomorrow. Father's Day at the Arnot Mall, a Glen Region tradition. Come check us out.

Secondly, I've been using a fun app for my Macbook called Delicious Library. It essentially catalogs your media and other items for you. And to make things easier, you can just scan the bar codes of everything to put them in the system. It then fetches all the info from the internet and populates your library on a set of virtual "shelves" with cover art and everything.

The nice thing about this program on a Mac (not even made for Windows) is that you can use the built in iSight camera to scan the bar codes. So I've added my movies, my cds, my video games, books, and a few other things around the house.

You can check out my media library for yourself and let me know what you think. The program even exported it in that fancy format for me.

Pretty neat.

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