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Seriously... the domination will never end. The Xbox 360 and PS3 will never catch the Wii.

Sales numbers for May:

  • Wii: 675,100
  • DS: 452,600
  • PS3: 208,700
  • 360: 186,600
  • PSP: 182,300

', 'So add those up... not only did Nintendo sell over 1 million units of hardware total, but just the Wii alone outsold the PS3, 360 and PSP COMBINED. And it is also worth mentioning that the Wii had 5 of the top 10 in software sales for May (and 2 more spots for DS games): MarioKart Wii (#2), Wii Fit (#3), Wii Play (#5), Super Smash Bros Brawl (#6), Guitar Hero 3 (#8).

Those are ridiculous numbers. But the ridiculous part isn't that they sold this much last month. It is they're doing it EVERY month. Absolutely, straight up, no bullshit... dominating the other hardware.

It is just incredible. And with using my Wii daily still, I can see why.

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