Don't get me wrong, I love spending money. Even if it is my own money. But damn, finding shirts that fit is super difficult.

I just want shirts for work. Long sleeve, short sleeve... don't care. I just don't know why it is so hard for brands to make more things in my size. Could I get a 16.5 collar with 36/37 sleeves please? Even if I find a brand that has them in that size they usually only have one or two of the ugly ones and then nothing else.', 'If I get a 17 with 36/37 the shirt itself ends up being too big. Too wide, really. It ends up sticking out. If I get a 34/35 sleeve, I can wear it once when it is new but can never wear it again after it is washed.

Ideally I'd get one of the new "fitted" shirts that some brands are releasing. They're a little thinner in the chest/stomach area but still have the rest of the sizes OK. But there seem to be even less of these in my size than regular fit shirts. What the hell...?

I know I'm taller than normal. I know I'm on the slimmer end of the proportion scale. But why is it so hard to find decent looking, quality dress shirts?

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