Wii Fit = Fun

So those of you reading this probably know that I have a Wii. Well, actually we have two Wiis. Jen has one that is now setup in the bedroom.

We have a bunch of games between the two of us (Mario Kart and Guitar Hero FTW!) but as soon as she saw the Wii Fit earlier in the year, she wanted one. Of course she waited a bit long to try and get a pre-order and ended up missing it. So to surprise her I picked up one off of eBay (try finding one in a store, really). We both actually use it daily. Who would have thought.', 'I've been using mostly the Strength Training parts for... well, strength training. I don't expect to build a ton of muscle or anything, but it's certainly more than I've been doing and can't hurt. I do also do some of the yoga (more flexibility isn't necessarily a bad thing). And there are aerobics and games as well. I try to do at least a half hour a day during the week.

And in trying to actually get in better shape I figured I could maybe start running occasionally. Maybe a couple times a week? I literally just picked up a decent pair of running shoes today. So I have to actually get started. We'll see how it goes.

Anyway... the Wii Fit is cool. It'll never replace a full gym workout, nor is it intended to. But for my life, a half hour of that after I get home from work is more than I would ever normally do in a day. And for Jen, the Wii Fit combined with her Weight Watchers might help her lose the weight she's trying to lose. It certainly can't hurt.

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